All volunteers, regardless of the stand you are in or the role you are performing, must wear the following attire. If you arrive to the venue with the wrong attire, you will be asked to purchase black pants and a white shirt from the venue. $15 will be charged to your Islander Foundation account much like the ‘NO SHOW’ penalty.

For all venues:

  • PANTS – Black (NOT Jeans)
  • SHIRT – White or Black – long or short sleeved
  • SHOES – No open toed or open heeled shoes (preferably black dress or tennis shoes)
  • Badges (Allianz): We are supplying new updated badges this year. Please make sure all volunteers are wearing the badge that correctly corresponds to their age or title in the location.


Allianz Field and Target Field concessions are run by Delaware North Corporation.

Allianz Field Training. All volunteers are require complete the following training; which can be access by going to the training page on their website at: CLICK HERE TO ACCESS SITE

  • Hover over the 2024 Volunteer Training and click the arrow button in the top right corner to access the training

– Guest Path course (for members who do not want to lead at Stans)

  • Step 1: Pages 3 – 22 of this document will show you how to sign up and complete our GuestPath and General Alcohol Training.
  • Step 2: Follow the instructions on the document thoroughly to show you how to download your certificates
  • Step 3: Email your certificates to

– The Allianz Field Policies & Operations Document and Quiz.

  • Step 1: Review pages 23 – 89 to train yourself on our unit policies and operations
  • Step 2: Once you get to page 90 you can click the red underlined link that will bring you to the quiz and acknowledgment. Fill this form out completely and submit it. We will track the completion of this part on our end. You do not need to download any certificate for this portion. Once you have submitted this form, you have completed your training.

Additional Training for LEADS ONLY

  1. Lead training –
    1. NOTE – IF YOU ALREADY ARE SERVSAFE ALCOHOL CERTIFIED, STOP HERE! Find a copy of your certificate and email that copy to You will not need to take the certificate if you have already done so and it is less than 3 years old.
  • Step 1: Email to receive information on how to sign up for ServSafe so you can take your course and quiz
  • Step 2: Complete your course (DO NOT STOP HERE, YOU STILL NEED TO TAKE YOUR TEST)
  • Step 3: Complete and pass your test, download a copy of your certificate and email to

16+ years of age can volunteer at these venues.


Target Field Training

Please open and read the training navigation instructions carefully and completely BEFORE moving forward.

NEXT – clicking on the link ( to register and begin courses.

All Target Field volunteers train annually and are required to complete the following: *** IF YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE PART 1 & 2 AT ALLIANZ, YOU DON’T NEED TO DO THEM AGAIN FOR TARGET FIELD.

  • PART 1– GuestPath 4 Key Elements of Service Delivery
  • PART 2 – Target Field Volunteer Alcohol Service Training (for volunteers over 18)


  • PART 3 – 2024 Target Field Volunteer Concessions Orientation Course.  This will be sent in a separate email with instructions for completing.

The Orientation/GuestPath course and Volunteer Compliance Sign-offs take approximately 30 minutes. The GuestPath and Alcohol Service courses take approximately 60 minutes together.

Thank you,


U.S. Bank Stadium and the University of Minnesota concessions are run by Aramark and require all volunteers to complete TEAM or TIPS training and a three-hour orientation sessions.  Please click the following link to access the course:

  1. A) Virtual CAP Training Link:
      • All volunteers must complete
      • This is just basic in-house training, and NOT the alcohol training.

    C) TEAM TRAINING (Alcohol Certification) – appx 2 hours·       Click here to access:·       Use computer, tablet, or mobile device.·       If you do not plan to complete the training at one time, you must return to the training from the same device and the same Wi-Fi connection. Check “REMEMBER ME” box on the first screen.·       If you have any trouble, first close all other browser windows and other apps/programs running on the device. Then try refreshing your page.·       Finally, try to close the browser completely and click on the link again to return to the training.

  2. ·       If you continue to have trouble, take a screenshot and email the screenshot to, please share that you are completing the training for Aramark at U.S. Bank Stadium.
  3. ·       Toggling your Wi-Fi connection off and on may also fix the problem.
  4. ·       After completion, Aramark at U.S. Bank Stadium will receive your results and certification card.
  5. ·       Must have stable, strong internet, audio, and video.
  6. ·       Training will take approximately 2 hours to complete. You must view ALL the slides and listen to ALL the audio to satisfy the training completion criteria and reach the certification test.
  7. Instructions for TEAM alcohol management training:
  8. B) Volunteer General training:



Each concession corporation (Aramark, Levy, Deleware North Corporation) and venue has their own set of procedures and guidelines for handling and preparing food.


Volunteers must pass an alcohol training exam. When volunteering at alcohol-related events, please be sure to follow all guidelines you were taught in training. We cannot afford to let long lines or frustrating customers hurry us into mistakes and lack of following procedure. Make sure to ask for proper identification and verify age from all customers.

Serving alcohol requires great responsibility, and, failing to adhere to training and procedures could severely impact the Islander Foundation. Venues complete compliance checks at various stands to ensure that volunteers are strictly following their training. Non-profit organizations and/or individual volunteers who are not found in compliance could face the following consequences:


  • Volunteer not being allowed to volunteer any more and / or fined
  • The Foundation not getting our own stands and / or fined
  • The Foundation losing its contract with the venue to place volunteers