Benefiting DeLaSalle High School and its Students, Families and Programs, The Islander foundation, established in April 2005 is a non-profit fundraising program. The foundation allows participating members to request grants to offset fees and expenses associated with attending DeLaSalle.

The Islander Foundation has contractual agreements with Aramark, Levy and Delaware North Corporation, to provide volunteer workers at concession stands in venues around the Twin Cities. In return, the Islander Foundation receives a guaranteed stipend. Foundation members then request grants from the foundation to help offset DeLaSalle related fees and expenses.

Approximately 85 percent of the funds raised go directly to DeLaSalle High School as directed by the volunteer towards the designation of their choice: tuition, athletic programs, activity programs, school trips, etc. Fifteen percent stays with the foundation for expenses associated with the operation of the foundation, liability insurance and administrative expenses.

The funds raised will vary from one event to the other, from one venue to the other, from one stand to the other, even within the same venue and ultimately on what role you perform in the stand. Within this manual, you will find a listing of what the volunteer will raise per venue as to the role performed in the stand per event. To arrange a fundraising opportunity for you, your family or a DeLaSalle group, please contact:

Carlos Villagomez
Director of the Islander Foundation
612.676.7607 (office)


To become a member of the DeLaSalle High School Islander Foundation and start raising funds please complete and sign the membership form found here.

PLEASE NOTE: DeLaSalle Student Groups / Programs receive first priority to work events. There may be times that Foundation Members are ‘bumped’ from their spots to allow these groups to fundraise for their programs.


As of September 3, 2014, DeLaSalle has moved the Foundation to an on-line “sign-up” process on the Islander Foundation website. Current, detailed sign-up instructions can be found online as well as at the end of this manual.


A confirmation email will be sent after properly completing the online registration form. Please print a copy of that email as proof of registration. Comments or questions regarding scheduling should be directed to Carlos Villagomez via email at

About a week prior to the event a group email will go out detailing the ‘Gate/Crew List,’ this serves as a reminder of your commitment to volunteer and also clarifies names, correct errors/omissions and finally to afford those who have registered the opportunity to properly cancel yourself from the list. To sign-up for trainings email Carlos Villagomez.

It is the Volunteer’s responsibility to complete, sign and submit a “Grant Application” form. This form needs to be in the Islander Foundation Coordinators office by the 8th of each month. The Coordinator will verify all volunteer shifts, and grant totals for each month and submit the totals to the DeLaSalle business office for processing on a monthly basis.

Form Completion
• Non – Legible forms will not be processed and grants will be bank

• Forms not completed with totals and all information will not be processed

• Forms not completed will not be processed and grants will be bank.



The following ramifications will be inforce to all members of the Islander foundation:

  • No Shows and Tardiness
    • 3 tardies within one month, Member will not be allowed to participate the first two weeks of the following month
    • 5 tardies within one month. Members will not be allowed to participate the following month
    • 2 no shows in one month, Members will not be allow to participate in the following month
    • 3 to 5 no shows within a 30 day period. Members will not be allowed to participate in the Islander Foundation for the current year.
  • Behavior disciplinary action
    • Members are representing the Islander Foundation and DeLaSalle.  Members are expected to act professionally at all venues.  Members who are found to negatively impact the foundation and DeLaSalle, vocally and/or physically, will be suspended from participation up to one year, or permanently if the occurrence is found to be severe.

.Cancellation Process
• Email coordinator of need to cancel sign-up at least 72 hours prior to event date/time
• Email must include sign-up information
• A reply email stating the confirmation of your cancellation from a coordinator

Not showing up on the day of the event will be listed as a ‘NO SHOW’ and handled as the policy states; venues ‘NO SHOW’ an individual for any reason (sickness, family issues, etc). The best solution for these instances would be for the volunteer to find a replacement, a family member, another DeLaSalle member, friend, student etc. to take your place. Please inform the coordinator of your absence and of your replacement. If no replacement is found, the policy will stand.

All volunteers, regardless of the stand you are in or the role you are performing, must wear the following attire. If you arrive to the venue with the wrong attire, you will be asked to purchase black pants and a white shirt from the venue. $15 will be charged to your Islander Foundation account much like the ‘NO SHOW’ penalty.

For all venues:
• PANTS – Black (NO Jeans) – NO SHORTS!
• SHIRT – White with NO printing, long or short sleeved (preferably collared, button up)
• SHOES – No open toed or open healed shoes, No Sandals, (preferably black dress or tennis shoes)

Allianz Field and Target Field concessions are run by Delaware North Corporation and require all volunteers to be at least 16 years old and to complete a three-part training program along with passing an alcohol serving procedure test to work in their stands.

University of Minnesota  and US Bank Stadium concessions are run by Aramark Corporation  and require all volunteers to be at least 18 years old, complete a training program, and pass an alcohol serving procedure test to work in their stands.

Target Center  and Xcel Energy Center concessions are run by Levy Corporation and require all volunteers to be at least 18 years old and to complete a training program, and passing an alcohol serving procedure test to work in their stands.

DeLaSalle High School (Inside and Outside stands) are run by DeLaSalle High School Athletics/Operations and require all volunteers to be at least 14 years old, to be a DLS Student or Family member. Formal training is not mandatory but highly recommended.


Each concession corporation (Aramark, Levy, Deleware North) and venue has their own set of procedures and guidelines for handling and preparing food.

Volunteers must pass the Alcohol training exam. When working alcohol related events, please be sure to follow all guidelines you were taught in training. We cannot afford to let long lines or frustrating customers hurry us into mistakes and lack of procedure following. Make sure to card and ask for proper identification from all customers.

The alcohol piece is a very tough issue and we could be severely punished if our stand volunteers are caught not performing proper checks of customers. The venues set up ‘stings’ to go around to particular stands and try to get away with service and not be properly served. These violations could result in the following:
• Volunteer not being allowed to volunteer anymore and / or fined
• The Foundation not getting our own stands and / or fined
• The Foundation loosing its contract with the venue to place volunteers

All volunteers must be trained and examined by each Concession Corporation. These
trainings are multi-purposed.

Each venue has its own set of rules and guidelines that volunteers needs to follow and observe, not necessarily just for the stands. Volunteers will be asked for identification each time they arrive at a venue and will be set up with some security measures such as
background checking, finger coding and an ID card prepared for each of you.

Minnesota Timberwolves & Lynx basketball games, concerts & shows shifts usually last 5-8 hours. Target Center concessions stand are run by Levy Corporation and require all volunteers to be at least 18 years old and to complete a training program along along with passing an alcohol serving procedure test to work in their stands.
There are ramps with skyway access to the Target Center on: 4th, 6th, 7th, and 9th Streets. Cost will be $5-$9. There is outside parking available underneath the I-394/94 on ramps from 4th or 9th streets. These will cost $3-$7. There is no skyway access from these ramps.
For trainings, you may wear what ever you are comfortable wearing. For concession work, you must wear BLACK DRESS PANTS (no Jeans) and a WHITE undershirt. Shoes should be black and preferably slip resistant. Everyone should at least have a sturdy shoe that covers the full foot. You will receive a Bowling type shirt to wear in the stand. Along with a hat.
Enter the Target center via the front doors on 1st Avenue. If for some reason these are still locked, enter at the loading dock area on the 9th Street side of the building. Once into the Target Center, let them know you are with the Islander Foundation and that you are there to work concessions for Aramark food service.


Minnesota Twins baseball games, concerts & shows from March – October.
Parking is available at Hawthone Parking Ramp.  Volunteers receive a voucher from the Leads at our Stand. Light rail is the ideal transportation to and from Target Field. Volunteers can also park vehicle at DeLaSalle High School(main lot up towards Hennepin avenue) and bus, carpool, bike or walk to the stadium.
All Delaware North employees and volunteers will enter at Gate 14 (near Hrbeck’s), not at the giant shutters gate as we have in the past.  There will be signs and security people guiding everyone to the other gate. It is just down the sidewalk, still on the 7th Street side. .
Black Slacks or Shorts (must be dress pant style – NO JEANS). Shoes should be black and preferably slip resistant. Everyone should at least have a sturdy shoe that covers the full foot. You will receive a Bowling type shirt to wear in the stand along with a hat.
Target Field training for serving concessions requires all volunteers to complete a three-part training and pass an alcohol serving procedure test to work in their stands. Please send an email to, with SEND TRAINING in the subject line, and full name/ Islander Foundation in the email. There are three Target Field trainings, which must be completed prior to working an event:

  1. Orientation Training – about 2 hours
  2. Technical Training – about 2.5 hours
  3. Alcohol Training – 2 hours


Minnesota United and International soccer games, from March – October.
Parking – Please click and follow this link for more information regarding this
Check-in at the Southeast corner of the stadium near the Element Gate (located off of Pascal Ave and St Anthony Ave across the street from Cub Foods).
Concessions – Plain black or white shirt, black pants (no jeans), black closed toe shoes.  Clubs – Black or white shirt, black dress pants (no leggings or jeans), black closed toe shoes.


Williams Arena, men’s and women’s basketball; Huntington Bank Stadium, football; Pavilion, volleyball, gymnastics, and wrestling; from October-March, shifts usually last 4-6 hours.
There is a parking lot on 5th Street behind Mariucci Arena and multiple ramps around the campus. There are streets where you can park for free around campus, or you can park at a meter and pay only until the time the metter is enforce; parking is free after 6 PM (please make sure as every street is different).

All workers, regardless of your assignment, MUST wear black pants and a predominantly white shirt. You will be given a uniform apron or shirt and visor to wear after you check-in. Also, no sandals or shoes with open toes or heels.

At Huntinton Bank Stadium the uniform consists of:

• SHIRT – Gold or Maroon long sleeved (provided for a fee at the venue)
• PANTS – Black Slacks (no jeans)
• SHOES – No open toed shoes, sandals

Wabasha County Entrance – (one of the counties listed around the stadium) oLocated around the corner from the West Plaza and Gate A, just past the concession’s office.  Address is 615 Washington Ave SE #C2 Minneapolis, MN 55414-2907 and phone number is 612.823.2265.
The basketball games are at Williams Arena on the U of M campus (University Ave and 4th street) – go to the entrance in front of the building on University Avenue – if not open yet go to the entrance on the west side of the arena, tell them you are there for concessions work.
The Hockey games are at Mariucci Arena on the U of M campus (4th Street and 5th Street) – you want to go to the 5th Street side of the building (the media and players entrance) again tell them you are there for concessions.
The University of Minnesota accepts the same training as the the USBank training.

  1. A) Virtual CAP Training Link:
  2. B)Volunteer General training:
    • All volunteers must complete
    • This is just basic in-house training, and NOT the alcohol training.
  1. C) TEAM TRAINING (Alcohol Certification) – appx 2 hours

Instructions for TEAM alcohol management training:

All volunteers must be 18 years or older and will receive a 30-minute walk through prior to starting their shift.

Huntinton Bank Stadium will hold Technical and Facility Familiarity training prior to the football season.


Minnesota Wild Hockey games, concerts and shows from September-July. Xcel Energy Center concessions stand are run by Levy Corporation and require all volunteers to be at least 18 years old and to complete a training program along along with passing an alcohol serving procedure test to work in their stands.
The best place to park is the Victory Parking Ramp on Wabasha between 4th and 5th Streets. You can purchase a parking sticker from us for $6 that is good for up to 10 hours of parking, giving you a 50% discount on your first 10 hours.
Pants are Khaki colored. You should where a white shirt that can be worn underneath the uniform shirt. Need to purchase their own hats for $10 and everyone must have or purchase a lock for their locker. Shoes should be black and preferably slip resistant. Everyone should at least have a sturdy shoe that covers the full foot.
For check-in, they would report to Gate 1 of the Xcel Energy Center. This is the gate on the Kellogg Blvd side of the building where the River Centre and Xcel Energy Center meet.
All volunteers at the Xcel Energy Center must pass a training session exam. These training sessions are free to the volunteer.

There is an online portion that needs to be completed prior to working any events. There is an online alcohol-serving test in which you can take, please follow the directions below to complete this training before taking the classroom training:

  1. Log on:
  2. Enter Password: LEVY
  3. Enter your personal information and employment history
  4. Choose your property from the drop down list
  5. Choose your job title from the drop down list
    1. Levy Team Member
    2. Contract Employee
    3. Manager
    4. Non-Profit

Read all materials and click next to go to next page. You will then be able to take the test. Once you have completed the test and you submit your answers, it will ask for the manager’s e-mail address, please enter both of the following addresses:; If you do not put in the above address we will not be notified you have taken the alcohol training and you will need to re-do it.

The results will be e-mailed back to us, we will print it as proof you completed the on-line training. Please understand that by completing the online training, you are allowed to work. You will then be scheduled by your manager to attend the Live Responsible Alcohol Training Class.